Name fifi
Gender Female
Fur/Hair Color White Fur




Fifi is a French poodle, who met Mooch and Earl on their way to Paris in Mutts.

In the Comic

Fifi appeared only in one comic strip in Mutts. In the series that this comic strip comes from, Earl is on a leash waiting to be taken for a walk, but his owner, Ozzie, gets distracted for a moment. Mooch decides to pick up the leash and take Earl for his walk. Not knowing exactly where to go, Mooch decides to see Paris, and of course Earl tags along. After walking for an unspecified period of time, which Earl calls for-ever, the pair decide to stop and ask whether they’ve made it to Paris. Mooch tries to speak French and makes the first conversational move. Getting an answer from Fifi, the French poodle, it satisfies Mooch and celebrates their arrival in “Paris".


The only comic strip where Fifi appeared.