Mooch is one of the protagonists of Mutts. He's a tuxedo cat with his own way of speaking and is the best friend of Earl. He's also a pet of Millie and Frank.

In the Comic

Mooch appeared first time in the comic strip of September 12th 1994. In this comic, Earl is staring at his neighbors' house's window, from where Mooch is staring back. In the first meet Mooch and Earl react to each other as normally as a cat and a dog would. Later they start to hang out more together and become each others' best friends.


Mutts comic strip from September 16, 1994.


  • In Finnish Mutts, which is called Kamut (Buddies), Mooch is referred as female and has a female name, Kati. So Shnelly is referred as male. Mooch is really male and Shnelly female.